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Early Career Teacher Programme (ECTs)

Early Career Teacher Programme (ECTs)


We are pleased and excited to announce that we will be working with Haybridge Teaching School Hub and Ambition to facilitate the full induction programme to primary schools in Dudley.

The Full Induction Programme provides the following to schools:

  • Funded training delivered directly to Early Career Teachers and Mentors. This will be a sequenced two-year programme based on the Early Career Framework with self-directed study materials for Early Career Teachers.

  • Full access to Ambition Institute’s online platform for both Early Career Teachers and Mentors.

  • Funded time off timetable for Early Career Teachers and Mentors in the second year of induction. In addition to this, funding to backfill Mentor time spent undertaking training.

  • Materials to support mentor sessions designed to reduce Mentor workload.

  • A point of contact for any questions about ECF and the ECF programmes.

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