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Our Strategic Partners

Russells Hall Primary School

Headteacher - Mrs Jen Brown 

Milking Bank Primary School

Milking Bank Primary serves an extensive residential development located 1.5 miles from Dudley town centre. The school, which opened in November 1989, is a group 3, 3-11 Primary School. We have a two-form entry with an admission limit of four hundred and twenty pupils. We also have a Nursery Unit catering for thirty pupils each morning and afternoon session. Our main aim is to provide a happy, secure environment in which children will thrive and develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. Through a close partnership with parents, community and local agencies we hope all children will fulfil their maximum potential and enjoy their time here.

All staff at Milking Bank strongly believe it is a privilege to work with young people, helping to shape and influence their education and develop their life skills. We are constantly looking at ways to develop our own skills and experience and really enjoy working with other colleagues and schools, helping to sharpen their focus on what makes a difference and supporting them to improve outcomes for pupils.

Christ Church Primary School

Headteacher - Mrs Sarah Riley

Christ Church Primary School is a large lively primary school with children from age three to eleven years. We pride ourselves on the welcome we give to everyone and the high expectations we have for everyone - children and adults!

I joined Christ Church Primary School in 2004 and have been the headteacher for two years. Throughout this time I have worked with the team to secure improvement and was instrumental in the school’s journey from good to outstanding. We were delighted with our second OFSTED ‘outstanding’ in May 2013 following our first outstanding judgement in 2008.

In our last inspection in May 2013, we were judged to be outstanding in every area. Key to this outstanding success is our ability to ensure that we always have a staff team of the highest quality with talented leadership at all levels. Ensuring future success depends on our ability to identify and develop potential. As headteacher, I continue to strive for excellence in all the school does and the ongoing development of outstanding classroom practice and outstanding leadership in all areas is the focus of my work.

We are an ‘Achievement for All’ Quality Lead school, focussed on educational change: we seek to build a world in which all children are seen as having potential, and where every child is enabled to be the best that they can be regardless of their background, the challenges they face or the
needs they may have.

My expertise covers all aspects of teaching, learning and leadership. Many of our staff have been successful in securing promotion, reflecting high quality CPD, development of capacity across the workforce and succession planning.

I have extensive experience both at Christ Church and other schools in the locality, of developing the quality of teaching and learning through whole staff, group and individual development activities. I am known to take a strong lead on improvement, challenging staff to think deeply
about learning and how to maximize impact for the children they teach.

In 2013, Ofsted acknowledged that ‘outstanding teaching is what happens every day’ here at Christ Church Primary School and that the ‘professional development provided by the school ….is of the highest quality’ – something of which I feel very proud and privileged to lead in.

I have a reputation as someone who is focussed on the development of teaching and learning, building teams and creating future leaders. Using effective interpersonal skills and clarity of communication I am able to inspire and motivate staff and children to ensure effective

I believe Working with children is a vocation and the most honourable of professions. It requires love and passion and willingness to share oneself. There is no place at Christ Church Primary School for anyone who thinks otherwise – young lives and minds are too precious! Our school motto is ’Dream it, believe it, achieve it!‘ This is at the heart of everything that we do.

  Corngreaves Academy - Sandwell

We are an Academy  as part of United Learning, a group of schools which aims to provide excellent education to children and young people across the country. We seek to improve the life chances of all the children and young people we serve and make it our mission to bring out 'the best in everyone' – children, staff, parents and the wider community.

The Department for Education and National College for Teaching and Leadership have designated Corngreaves Academy as both a National Support school and a National Teaching school. Through this work we aim to continue to develop and lead and support other schools on primary practice. We feel extremely privileged that as a Teaching School we are able to make a difference to the life chances of children in our school, community and wider.

Corngreaves has a deservedly high reputation for academic achievement, as recognised by Ofsted during our last inspection. We aim to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which we seek to maximise every individual child’s potential nurturing the self-confidence and self-esteem to enable them to make the most of their talents,

At Corngreaves we provide the highest quality education for children from 3 up to 11 years of age. In that tie we make sure that they have lots of exciting learning opportunities to enable them to reach their full potential. After up to seven years at Corngreaves we guarantee that your child will leave us as a confident individual, successful learner and a responsible citizen. We sincerely hope that your child will leave with a strong sense of achievement, satisfaction and a lifelong love for learning.

Our hope is that each child and their family will look back and recall their time at Corngreaves, as a time of achievement and hard work but also of fun and friendships; a time during which they were able to sow the seeds of future success. 

Please see professional development propectus for 2015-16

Gig- Mill Primary School

I  joined Gig Mill as headteacher in January 2014, and I am really enjoying this new challenge.  The school has made significant strides forward in developing practice, and working collaboratively over the last two terms, as we move forwards on our “Good” to outstanding journey.

Prior to headship I worked as part of the Dudley Local Authority school improvement team, as a Leadership and Management Consultant, and Intensifying Support Programme advisor in Primary Schools. This school improvement background has proved invaluable in leading change in Primary Schools.

In my first headship, the school made rapid improvements, which were sustained over a period of time, such that from a position of near Ofsted category Halesowen CE was graded as a ‘Good’ school in 2012.

Over this time succession planning, high quality professional development and leadership development and built capacity to improve. "On going improvement and strong teamwork are key factors in the school’s success and it’s excellent capacity to improve further.”

Leadership was highlighted as a  strength: “Leadership and management are good overall, but the headteacher and other members of the senior leadership team provide outstanding leadership.”As
a church school, the SIAS inspection process ran in tandem, and the  schools was identified as an outstanding church school, in all of the five areas of inspection.  “The headteacher’s leadership of the school is quite outstanding.” I also worked alongside Diocesan advisors to share good practice, and deliver aspects of training for the Diocese of Worcester.

More recently, I have been working as an LLE offering school to school support to other local schools. My school improvement work relates to raising standards across different areas of
school life, and supporting and developing school leaders in a variety of ways. 

It is our aim at Gig Mill to provide the best possible education for your child. An education where each child feels valued, cared for and motivated to achieve their very best. We have high expectations and we aim to develop in our children a real sense of belonging along with high levels of self esteem and confidence.

“Together we care, together we succeed“ Gig Mill is a caring school. Providing pupils with the best education is at the heart of everything the headteacher,staff and governors aim to do.” OFSTED 2013

The school was established in 1984 with the amalgamation of the previous Junior and Infant schools. The school setting has extensive grounds with playing fields, gardens, spacious classrooms and facilities, and an indoor swimming pool. The school is situated on the edge of Stourbridge in a pleasant residential area. We are an open, friendly school and parents and visitors are always welcomed. Governors, staff, parents and children all work together to create a nurturing environment and opportunities for all our children to succeed. The school is expanding, currently there are approximately 600 pupils on roll, all year groups have two classes for each year group, and Reception, Years 1 and 2 have three classes. The school also has a 52 place Nursery.

Gig Mill recently achieved a “good” OFSTED rating “Fundamental to the good rate of learning are the positive relationships between pupils and staff. Teachers ‘teach from the heart’ and show a passion for teaching. They plan lessons that build on what pupils know and can do and that meet the needs of the different groups of learners well. Pupils feel confident to ask and answer
questions even when they find the task difficult. “

We hope you will come to visit us in person to see our wonderful school in action.

Lapal Primary School

Headteacher - Joanna Turner

My journey through education started as a volunteer helper in a local primary school whilst at college. I developed a passion for working with children and began leading a summer activity scheme for pupils with profound learning difficulties. I went on to complete a teaching degree specialising in Art at Worcester University. 

In 2001 I began my teaching career at a Greenfield Primary School in Stourbridge.  I progressed to becoming part of the leadership team, leading key stage one and community links in my second year of teaching. 

Following this I became an Advanced Skills Teacher specialising in teaching and learning strategies across Early Years and Key Stage one.  I worked with Early Years Consultants within Dudley and carried out research as part of my deployment in settings across the borough. I particularly enjoyed this role, supporting colleagues and sharing outstanding practice. 

I moved to Lapal Primary School in 2009 and achieved the National Professional Qualification for Headship whilst being employed as the Deputy Head teacher. In 2010 I was promoted to Head of School.

I feel very fortunate to be Head of such a fantastic school and be part of a team who are committed wholeheartedly to achieving the best outcomes possible for children. I also feel very privileged to be part of shaping the lives of over 300 pupil’s every day. 

The school has made huge progress since September 2009; with a new leadership team in place, recruitment and development of outstanding teachers, improved Ofsted and becoming the first federation within Dudley in partnership with another local primary school. We continue to strive to excel in all that we do, and embrace our mission statement - Learning Together, Successful Forever. 

 Lutley Primary School

Headteacher - Rebecca Cox

About the head

I have worked in Dudley for 17 years and have been a Head of school and Headteacher for 5 years – a job I love! I am now the Headteacher of Lutley Primary School, the Principal of the Hales Valley Teaching School Alliance and a Local Leader of Education (LLE). 

My LLE accreditation came as a result of Lutley Primary School being an outstanding school, having standards well above national standards in all areas. I have provided support and worked collaboratively with numerous schools across Dudley Local Authority, the West Midlands and beyond, including academy chains, schools in OfSTED categories and good and outstanding schools.

Lutley Primary School is a Support School and provides support and advice for schools both within Dudley Local Authority and Hales Valley Trust. We have several members of staff who are Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE) and they work with schools and groups of schools on key school improvement issues. We have a Chief Operations Officer who is a National College Advocate, providing advice and support to schools across the West Midlands. Our Chair of Governors is a National Leader in Governance and works with Governing Bodies across the West Midlands.
Our support takes many forms:

  • LLE and SS support - the Executive Headteacher and the appropriate staff from Lutley provide support to schools and individual teaching staff on tailored programmes of development.  We also offer programmes such as ITP and OTP as well as our bespoke support.
  • Cluster work – Lutley Primary School works with our local primary and secondary schools to develop and provide support on a variety of issues. We have led on moderation work, developing Middle Leaders, developing a whole school approach to outstanding teaching & learning and developing understanding of the teaching standards.
  • Hosting visits – we provide many opportunities for schools to visit our school to look at our learning environment and pupil engagement with a view to developing an approach in their own settings.
  • SLE support  - The SLE staff members work with schools and groups of schools on key school improvement issues

I am passionate about ensuring that all children, regardless of where they go to school, have the best teaching and learning opportunities available to them. Our teaching school alliance is all about helping schools to improve the life chances of children everywhere.

Windsor High School

Welcome to Windsor High School and Sixth Form. We are committed to achieving the very best for all our students across the age range of 11-19. For further information please go to our websitewww.windsor.dudley.sch.uk.

Academic success at GCSE and A Level is a central aim for us as this determines the careers and opportunities available to our students. Whilst we are proud of our academic record and our rich and varied curriculum, we ensure that there are many opportunities to develop in wider interests such as the arts and sports. Our school motto 'Excellence for All', applies equally to academic study and extra-curricular activity.

We believe in traditional values such as honesty, courtesy and respect and these are embodied in the Windsor Way which provides expectations for all at Windsor. As part of this approach we encourage all our students to engage with Leadership activities to develop the skills that go with responsibility as well as providing support and opportunities.

Our pastoral care is based upon a thriving House System of five Houses which allows healthy competition between students as well as creating a smaller ‘family’ within the school.

We have a belief in the importance of developing staff as well as students, and the school was for many years a designated Training School. We have maintained this commitment by developing our own extensive programme of CPD and working energetically with the Teaching School initiative.  

Windsor High School and Sixth Form is lead sponsor in a wider family of schools through the Windsor Academy Trust www.windsoracademytrust.org.uk.