Hales Valey Teaching School

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Our Team and successes

Central Team

Rebecca Cox - Director of Hales Valley Teaching Hub

Hannah Pickles - Principal of the Hales Valley Teaching Hub - ITT lead, NQT lead and Specialist Leader of Education (English).

Stephanie Wheatcroft - Specialist Leader of Education (EYFS)

Belinda Hale - Teaching Hub Administrator

Our successes

Round 1 SSIF bid - Improving outcomes for 40 schools across the Black Country 2017-2019

2017 -2019 Hales Valley led a successful project to improve GLD in 40 schools across all 4 Black Country Authorities. With the help of National and Specialist leaders of education we successfully improved outcomes for over 3000 children in our region. The work included increasing the leadership and management understanding of Early years including the upskilling Governors too. 

Following the success of the project we will replicate this work in dudley in 2019-2020 aiming to improve outcomes for more pupils based on the success of this work. 

If you would like further information about the project and how it successfully improved outcomes contact Stephanie Wheatcroft on swheatcroft@dudley.sch.uk

If you would like further information about the project and how it successfully improved outcomes contact Stephanie Wheatcroft on swheatcroft@lutley.dudley.sch.uk 

DfE Recruitment and Retention Strategy - 2018/2019

As an LLE Rebecca Cox has been supporting schools who have difficulty retaining and attracting the rigt teachers into their schools. Through an application for grant funding from the DfE schools can access additional support in order to invest in their newly recruited, or new to teaching, staff so that they are fully supported in their early career stages so they are more likely to remain in the teaching profession.

Equality and  Diversity Grant - 2013 -2019

We have been fortunate to be awarded a grant for £25,000 over a number fo years to develop leadership potential for BME candidates and also men into primary and women into secondary leadership positions. Grants are available for groups of schools to address the challenges of equality and diversity in school leadership. Women and those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are under represented in the school leadership workforce.

The unique programme devised by Hales Valley Teaching School gives candidates their own experienced mentor who will coach them through how to gain a leaderhip position in a school and a series of workshops will help them to reflect on their next steps into leadership.

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